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Ahoj zajímalo by mě jestli je tenhle návod na vyrobu testosteronu funkční. Vyrábět to nechci ale zdá se mi to až moc jednoduché... Díky za informace :)
Je to v AJ ale můžu přeložit kdyžtak
DHEA was purchased from china in one kg quantity, methanol or methylhydrate from canadian tire, sodium borohydride from a hydrogen cell engine supplier online fifteen grams for fifteen dollars, good for 60 grams test. 10 grams DHEA dissolved in 400ml methanol and stirred using a milk frother in a regular glass nestled in ice. 2.5 grams sodium boro are slowly added as powder at a rate that does not allow the temp to exceed 40C. if a slurry forms thats good, it means product is forming, just add more cold methanol. after a total of one hour add vinegar until the bubbling on addition stops then dump into a liter of ice water. filter thru coffe filter and squeeze dry. dry in oven at 60C.
activated manganese dioxide is made from manganese dioxide from a ceramics supplier and then its boiled in nitirc acid to activate. make nitric acid by adding boiled down battery acid to stump remover (potassium nitrate) then boiling inside a bottle with a hose running to another bottle nestled in ice to collect the nitric acid. filter and rinse with an anhydrous solvent like a fuel system water remover, activated mang diox must be absolute dry. put the diol from the first step in 300ml acetic acid then slowly add the mang diox as a powder same fashion as above, stir for six to ten hours, you won't over oxidize since exact molar equivalents are used. now flood the reaction with five times volume ice water and filter out the base test plus unreacted diol and DHEA, minimum purity will be about 70%

note we activated mang diox by azeotropic distillation with benzene as we are too lazy to make nitric acid.

75 grams of DHEA can be had for about a buck a gram, all together maybe 2-4 dollars a gram for heat free decent test.


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